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Extraction Consulting

  • Biomass processed to crude

  • Biomass processed to CBD distillate

  • Biomass processed to CBD Isolate

  • Dewaxing and refining crude

  • THC remediation

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Equipment Training

  • Training per instrument

  • In-person training

  • 24/7 over the phone tech support


Start-Up Consulting

  • Property level consulting

  • Cross Elasticity of production

  • Market Strategy

  • In-person consultation

  • 24/7 over the phone tech support

March Scientific’s consulting services offers a variety of cannabis extraction solutions. Whether you are a new farmer exploring ethanol extractions or a seasoned extractor looking to increase a CBD extract’s quality and THC remediation, our consultants are ready to help you. Our start-up consulting helps soon-to-be extractors understand the best cannabis extraction processing methods. Our equipment training services help extractors get up and running in no time with our industry-leading CBD extraction tools. Our extraction consulting prepares extractors to optimize their operations and maximize their profits, whether its CBD isolate, distillate, crude, or biomass extraction. With March Consulting, anyone can begin or maintain a sustainable and competitive cannabis extraction practice.

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